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Terms of Service

1. Send your request to my Form
2. I either decline or accept and quote a price
3. If you want to go through with the commission, agree on the price and I will send you an invoice through PayPal
4. Payment upfront
5. Wait for me to send you an invoice via PayPal. This invoice will also contain my terms of service.
6. Pay me in full within 48h unless otherwise arranged
7. I will add you to the queue.
8. I will share progress shots with you during the work process. If you have concerns with any WIP then please let me know as soon as possible. Please also be available for questions via your preferred contact method (or let me know if you will not be). If necessary, approve or decline the sketch. If declining, please give specific reasons.
9. You approve of the finished artwork.
10. I will send you a full-size .png file with my signature (if desired, I can make a file for a personal physical printing version). I might post the small version to any of my online galleries.
Things I won't draw:
• Mature themes, NSFW in general, even subtle suggestive ones
• Cub/babyfur
• Discrimination/hate towards gender/sex, religion, race, etc
• Vore or any other kind of fetish
• Non-consensual situations
• I retain the right to decline a commission for any reason.
• I retain the right to artistic expression and the limits of personal style when depicting characters and their designs
• Extreme character complexity and/or clothes will affect the price and charges will be applied accordingly. The commissioner will be notified of any such charges prior to payment arrangements.
• Once the initial sketches are sent, pose and then detailed sketch, it is the responsibility of the commissioner to notify me of all desired edits at once.
• There will be charges for any desired changes at the final lineart and/or rendered piece (except for minor changes).
• Design changes compared to the original design provided from the images that are sent by the client will count as "redesign" work
• Send only updated refsheets!
• If the client sends a shaded refsheet/image or photos of the fursuit that doesn't include a solid color palette of the desired character, a charge will be applied to the slot request
• My signature and/or watermark must always remain visible on the piece. Attempted removal of the signature and/or watermark will be counted as theft. (The commissioner may request that the piece drawn be resized to a certain dimension for printing or use as an icon.)
• I will not accept cash payment that is not USD. Any foreign currencies that are erroneously sent will be returned to the sender immediately.
• I will not accept any kind of cryptocurrency as payment
• I retain the right to resell any incomplete or canceled commissions.
• The client needs to be 18 years old or older in order to commission me
• The commission may take at least 2 weeks - 4 months to be finished
Some other details:
• Make it clear the description and type of illustration you want + Reference Sheet or any image that might help me to draw your character (There will be charges for any desired changes compared to the description sent from your form)
• Be aware that I like to be experimental with commissions. Not all commissions might have a standard type of illustration
• Describing the personality and behavior of your character will help me a whole lot with any illustration
• I can also draw humans
• I do draw ferals








Starting at 250USD

(OBS: for this type of commission, the price may vary depending on what the commissioner requests, including modifications to an existing character, content, or creating a character from scratch. For this, please send me an email to with all the details after filling up the form, then I will give the price for the requested refsheet)



(OBS: Each expression is 30USD if desired to add more)


Starting at 200USD

(OBS: price may vary depending on the contents for the character page)

Sticker pack - 5 stickers



If you have agreed with the TOS, please fill-up the form below